Get a Doctor’s Note Online for Work and School

You wake up sick, and you are unable to make it into work or school.

If you need a doctor’s note, access our online medical clinic and get your sick note in just a few minutes.

Prices range from $145 to $180 CAD depending on the duration of the illness.

You no longer need to run around from one walk-in clinic to the next for hours hoping to find something; contact us and you can devote the rest of your day to regaining your strength in the comfort of your home.

Make an appointment with! makes it much easier to access quality medical care and  rapidly obtain online doctor notes. With the convenience of an online medical consultation and the expertise of our licensed healthcare providers in the Belle Province, you now have an effective solution to justify your absences for medical reasons.

No matter where you live, we’re here to give you access to professional medical care focused on your needs. Don’t hesitate to make a medical note appointment with one of our family doctors today. Take care of your health; we take care of the rest.

Online Doctor’s Note Service at

At, we understand the importance of comprehensive healthcare and the necessity of verifiable documentation for various needs, such as extended absences from work or school. Our team of Canadian-licensed doctors is committed to providing exceptional care through our virtual appointment system, catering to a range of health concerns, including pre-existing medical conditions.

Virtual Appointments with Canadian-Licensed Doctors

Our virtual appointments connect you with official doctors who have graduated from esteemed medical schools across Canada. These online doctor visits are designed to be thorough and personalized, ensuring that all your health concerns are addressed by a qualified doctor for review. This approach is particularly beneficial for student health, where notes for school may be required to explain absences or special accommodations.

Support for Extended Leave and Absence Notes

Since we understand the complexities of navigating medical leaves, our team makes sure that whoever is in charge of your file, whether it be an employer or educational institution, receives accurate and comprehensive documentation. This includes extended absence notes that adhere to your organization’s medical leave policy, providing clear communication of your health status and expected period of recovery.

Sick girl who needs an online doctor's note as proof of work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting an Online Doctor’s Note

What is a medical note?

A doctor’s note or sick note is a document drawn up by a doctor justifying the absence of an employee or student for one or more days due to illness. Indeed, a doctor’s note is essential for employers and frequently requested by human resources departments to justify employee absences. You usually have three business days to submit this note to your employer.

How can I get a doctor’s note with

By consulting one of our doctors, they will determine during the virtual consultation whether your clinical presentation justifies a medical certificate. Consultations are simplified: you can meet a real doctor, without having to leave your home!

At, getting an online doctor’s note is a fast and simple process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Consultation: Start with an online medical consultation. This is a live, interactive discussion with a licensed healthcare provider qualified to assess your health. Our family doctors are all graduates of Quebec universities and have active licenses to practice from the Collège des Médecins du Québec. Consult our telemedicine service in 5 minutes.
  2. Assessment: During the consultation, the primary care physician assesses your condition and determines whether a medical note is necessary and appropriate.
  3. Issuance of the note: If the doctor deems a doctor’s note necessary, it will be written up and sent directly to your email in a few minutes.

What are the advantages of getting an online doctor’s note?

Opting for an online medical note offers many advantages:

Convenience: There’s no need to go anywhere to get a doctor’s note. With, you can receive your online doctor’s note without leaving your home. This is practical, especially if your illness prevents you from going out.

  1. Speed: Forget long waits at a traditional medical clinic. With our service, you can often have access to a virtual doctor in just a few minutes. Receive your note within minutes in PDF form.
  2. Access to timely healthcare: Our online medical consultations give you access to quality medical care, no matter where you live.
  3. Justified absences: An online doctor’s note from is valid proof to justify absences from school or work for medical reasons.

How much will a doctor’s note cost me?

When you select the appointment type, choose the one that applies to the doctor’s note. You will be charged only for the price of the consultation. The medical note is included in the advertised price and will be sent to you by secure email in PDF format within a few minutes.

Can a doctor deny me a medical note?

Effectively, your doctor has the right to refuse to issue a medical note if they consider that your health status does not justify an absence from work or school.

It is important to remember that doctors act in the best interest of patients and their health. In the context of our online consultations, the doctors will assess your situation and decide on the appropriateness of issuing a note.

How do I obtain an online doctor’s note for school or work?

Obtaining an online medical note for work or school is simple with Start by making an appointment for an online consultation. During this consultation, your doctor will assess your health condition and determine whether a medical note is necessary.

Following your virtual consultation, our medical specialists will establish a detailed treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. If your situation requires an extended period of recovery, our doctor can provide official notes to support your medical leave policy at work or school.

If this is the case, the doctor’s note will be sent to you by email, ready to be presented to your employer to justify your days off or to your educational institution if you are a student. These notes are crucial for cases of extended absence due to health issues.

How long is an online doctor’s note valid?

The period of time for which an online doctor’s note is valid generally depends on the nature of your medical condition and the expected duration of your absence. Your doctor will discuss these details with you during the online visit and indicate them on your medical note.

Are there additional fees when purchasing a doctor’s note?

With, transparency is a priority: there are no hidden fees. The online consultation fees include the issuing of the doctor’s note. Everything is clearly indicated when making the appointment.

Indeed, the cost of the online consultation, which ranges from $145 to $180 CAD depending on the duration of the illness, includes the issuing of the doctor’s note.

It is essential to consider that does not bill the RAMQ and does not interact in any way with your insurance. However, more and more insurers, such as Desjardins, Blue Cross, and Canada Life, partially or fully cover consultations with a doctor. It is therefore recommended to inquire with your insurer.

In short, offers a fast and accessible telemedicine service. Thanks to our services, you can get a doctor’s note for an absence in just a few minutes without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Can a doctor issue me a medical note for a future illness?

For ethical and legal reasons a doctor can usually only issue a medical note for a current condition or an illness with symptoms that are already present. If you have any concerns about your future health, it is best to discuss these questions with your doctor during a consultation.