Get a doctor’s note in minutes

You wake up sick and you’re unable to go to work or school.

If you need a Doctor’s note, consult one of our doctors and get your document in minutes.

Prices ranging from 145$ to 180$ depending on the desired duration of the medical leave.

No more running around from one walk-in-clinic to another for hours, hoping to find something. Simply consult us and you’ll be able to spend the rest of your day regaining strength in the comfort of your home.

Common Questions?

What is a medical note?

A medical note is a document written by a doctor justifying the absence of an employee or a student for one or a few days, due to illness.

How to get a medical note?

By consulting one of our doctors, he will determine during the virtual consultation, if your clinical presentation justifies a Doctor’s note.

How much will a Doctor's note cost me?

When you select your appointment, please choose the one that applies to the Doctor’s note. You will only be charged for the price of the consultation. The Doctor’s note is included in the price and will be sent to you by secure email, in PDF format, within a few minutes.