Discover telemedicine with Médecin de Famille, your Quebec alternative to consult online doctors quickly! Offering convenient and affordable access to qualified doctors; benefit from medical expertise without leaving the comfort of your home!

Digital health has revolutionized healthcare support by allowing individuals to access online consultation services, thereby offering remote medical care thanks to secure online platforms. Telemedicine provides access to care, allowing patients to consult qualified healthcare providers remotely using secure virtual communication technologies.

Our telemedicine consultation service with online doctors offers online consultations with doctors right from your home. When your health issue does not require a physical examination, teleconsultation becomes an opportunity to benefit from diagnoses without traveling. Make an appointment via our virtual consultation service with experienced general practitioners and family doctors in total simplicity! Thanks to our telemedicine services in Quebec, take charge of your health:

  • medical advice
  • follow-up for chronic illnesses
  • one-time medical consultations

The advantage of telemedicine is that it promotes the secure collection and sharing of health data between healthcare professionals, which promotes coordinated and personalized patient care. This practice is revolutionizing the organization of care by allowing for remote patient consultation, thereby reducing travel and wait times in healthcare establishments.

A woman during a telemedicine appointment with online doctors

Frequently asked questions about our teleconsultation service with a doctor

For whom is our virtual doctor consultation service intended?

Online doctor visits are recommended for:

  • people with reduced mobility
  • people living in remote areas
  • people with busy schedules

How do I make an appointment with a doctor online?

To make a virtual care appointment with a doctor online, simply:

  • select the telemedicine service on our website;
  • follow the steps indicated to choose the time slot that works for you.

You can access the telemedicine session via your smartphone or computer.

What are the availabilities for a teleconsultation with a doctor?

Our attending online physicians are available for teleconsultations on flexible schedules tailored to your needs. To book a virtual appointment, email us or use our telemedicine application!

How soon can I see a doctor with

Very often, virtual consultations take place within 5 to 15 minutes following your payment. This is in stark contrast with the average in the public system in Quebec, where waits can be measured in hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months…

The alternative of telemedicine in terms of being able to be taken care of by a specialist practitioner or doctor remotely is therefore not negligible. Telemedicine devices are fully prepared to meet your expectations in the event of illness and conditions. Our doctors will be able to advise you on the treatment plan to follow.

Why call on

Private clinics that integrate telemedicine such as in their practices offer patients faster, more convenient access to specialized medical services, thereby reducing wait times and improving patient satisfaction.

Online consultation platforms offer patients easy access to healthcare services remotely by allowing them to consult doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals via secure, user-friendly interfaces.

I’m covered by the RAMQ. Do I have to pay?

We’re an extremely efficient service, but we’re a completely private service unaffiliated with the RAMQ. You must therefore pay by credit card for our services. With the help of data analysis optimization, telemedicine services make frequent patient engagement and follow-up on their recovery process possible.