Telemedicine – Consult a virtual doctor online in 5 minutes!

If your time is valuable and you need to talk to a doctor; a few mouse clicks you’ll be in a virtual appointment with one of our Quebec based doctors.

Consult for 180.00$ CAD.

Take control of your schedule and see a doctor when you have the time.

Common Questions?

How quickly can I see a doctor at

Very often, virtual consultations take place within 5 to 15 minutes of your payment.​

This is very contrasting with the average wait time in Quebec’s public Health care system, where the waiting time can span from hours, to days, to weeks and sometimes even months…

Am I covered by RAMQ? Do I have to pay?

We are an extremely efficient service, but we are a completely private service and are unaffiliated from the RAMQ.
You must therefore pay by credit card for our services.

Do you accept private insurance?

We do not interact with any insurance provider in any way. However, if you need a receipt for insurance purposes, we are happy to provide one. More and more insurers such as Desjardins, Blue Cross and Canada Life cover part or all of the costs of a doctor’s consultations. Please inquire with your insurance provider.