Feeling occasionally unmotivated about sex can be normal. However if this is a regular occurrence, it can create frustration or embarrassment, and can be a sign that there’s something going on with your health in general. Causes can be both psychological or physical.

Fortunately this is treatable.

Lifestyle choices & low sex drive

The accumulation of unfavourable habits can eventually impact your libido. Here are habits you might want to go easy on if you’ve noticed a reduction in your libido.

Lack of exercise

Exercise has a variety of health benefits, one of which is increased libido, through hormonal balance. Exercise makes you feel happier by releasing endorphins which elevate your mood in general. Moreover, maintaining good physical health and good physical shape also increases self-confidence.


Men who drink excessively may develop erectile dysfunction over time. Alcohol use impairs nerve function and reduces sensitivity. Dehydration brought on by heavy drinking might make it challenging for women to have vaginal lubricating secretions.


Chemicals found in cigarettes harm your blood vessels, especially the smaller ones which become less elastic and consequently reduce blood flow to end organs, like sexual organs. This blood flow is crucial for sexual arousal, and poor blood flow can bring problems like erectile dysfunction in men.

Mental health Causes

Since your physical body is impacted by your mental wellness, stress could be causing your reduced libido.


Anxiety makes it difficult for you to enjoy the moment, since you are stuck in a worrying state.

When you feel worried, your body experiences stress, which causes the release of cortisol and adrenaline which cause a dilation of the blood vessels in your body. Consequently, it becomes difficult for the body to maintain adequate blood flow to sex organs. Men are particularly impacted by this since it causes erectile dysfunction.

Experiencing reduced sexual arousal with a partner can be embarrassing, thus creating a cycle of anxiety. Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises can help. Moreover these techniques can also be applied outside of the bedroom, to any anxious situation.


Being in a depressed mood makes it difficult to connect with other people both on a personal and sexual level. Consequently, this can have a major effect on sexual arousal.

But libido is not the only thing affected by depression. Depressed people have difficulty thinking, talking and falling asleep. They also might feel sad, cry and have thoughts of suicide.

If you think you are going through a depression, you should discuss it with your doctor, regardless if it has impacted your libido or not. Physicians will help guide you in the various treatment options for depression.

Hormones & Libido

From your teenage years through your later years, hormones are crucial to your sexual health. Your sex drive will likely fluctuate and possibly even decrease as you age. The same thing happens with hormone levels which also decreases with age, consequently impacting your libido.

In men, testosterone is crucial for sex drive and the ability to keep erections for long periods of time. It may be an sign of low testosterone levels if you experience erectile dysfunction or if you lack motivation when it comes to sex.

The two hormones that have the biggest effects on your capacity to become aroused are oestrogen and testosterone. Estrogen is responsible for both the physical arousal as well as as the vaginal lubrication, in woman. Low oestrogen levels can cause a drop sex drive or painfull intercourse due to reduced vaginal secretions.

It’s very normal to desire and enjoy sex as you get older, even if your hormones are changing. Your hormones can be rebalanced in a variety of ways, which include through hormone therapy and lifestyle modifications through diet and exercise.

Having issues with your sex life can be annoying and there are many ways through which libido can be improved.

Don’t be shy and talk about it with a doctor who will be able to advise you on what treatments or health improvements you should be undertaken.

Let’s talk about Libido, you don’t have to be shy